Pronouns: they/them, she/her

Hi! Thanks for clicking on my extended bio link. I’m Forever. My pronouns are they/them and, less preferrably, she/her. Here are my most important rules.

Don’t interact with me if

If you interact and you meet the criteria above, you’ll be muted and blocked.


What You Need To Follow Me

In most cases, the first rule and its subrule apply to interacting with anyone on Fedi.

My Identities

I’m multilingual (kinda)!

English is my native tongue. Because I was born in the USA.
I’m at an A1.5 fluency level in both Spanish and German.
I’m at an A1 fluency level in Esperanto.
I’m at an A0.5 fluency level in Hungarian.
I know the basics in Arabic.
I want to learn Toki Pona.
I am learning Esperanto and German currently.
I can read Arabic, Persian and Urdu, Greek, European cyrillic, and all European Latin languages.

I make some apps!

I make the Random app for GNOME systems. I also made my website, which the above link goes to, and host Among Tech.

How should I pronounce your name?

Use the American English pronunciation of "forever" for that.

Misskey Specific Content

I will often use Misskey-specific features such as Misskey markdown, quotes, and more. Sorry for any inconveniences caused by this.

About Follows

If you try and follow me, I’ll send a follow request back and accept yours. I hope you accept mine. If I already follow you, Misskey will auto-approve your follow request.

Content Warnings

I usually CW politics, long posts, opinions, mental health issues, and other things. If you’re unhappy with something being un-CWed, please tell me. I expect you to use these CWs too. If you don’t, that results in you being muted.

Image Captioning

I always caption nearly all images, and CW if I don’t. Please do the same.

Opinions Warning

I’m very GNOME-biased, and against Samsung, Microsoft, and other corportations. Also very, very anarchist and anti-US republican.


I’m a minor. Whatever interaction level with me suits you, do that.