Pronouns: they/them, she/her


Hey. I’m Forever. I'm part of the Leptæniformia System, which is me and Lilith. This is our shared website, but mostly I write. Anyway, I’m a librafeminine greyplatonic agender aroace (look those terms up if you need!) weirdo residing in Colo­rado with a hyper­fixation on pro­gramming, specif­ically web pro­gramming and access­ibility. Things I have been previously hyper­fixated on include chess, cars, Linux, and theming. I believe minimal­ism is good, as it allows something to be robust; which is why this website is so tiny. I tinker around with things sometimes. Wanna be my friend?


It is apparent that I code things. Those things include:

In any case, I sometimes code. What I prefer to do, however, is be with friends.

Don’t you know other languages?

I do, although I’m not fluent in them. I know English, Latin and German.

Anything else?

I try to be friendly but don’t have patience for bad people. Also, I’m a minor. That’s really all.